In the Anglo-American School the students find a set of aligned resources to the new educational trends, which stimulate the curiosity and answer to the dynamic demand of this new generation.

Feature Set:


1 – Teachers that are qualified and aligned to the modern didactic.


2 – First class technologic structure in all classes.


3 – Oxford University Press platform – Teaching material of the highest quality and tradition pattern in the English Language, present in more than 50 countries, which differentials are listed below.

▪ It offers a dynamic content, rich and of easy access for the learning construction, word while reference.

▪ Oxford University Certification – exam, which proves the proficiency in the English language, a mandatory requirement to access the Universities and national and international companies, besides being an important differential in the person’s education.

▪ A digital platform that offers a variety of complementary resources, such as exercises, interactive games and other support materials for the students.


4 – ELEVA Platform – physical didactic and digital material that add updating, dictatic consistency and excellent results. It consists in a modern teaching platform, updated and connected to what the pedagogic field has of more innovative, aiming to solve real learning difficulties, having as lead differentials:

▪ Contextualized material – the presented content is related to the student’s daily routine and problems that involve practical applications in the society. This integration strategy awakens interest and stimulus, once the student is seen as a acting character, not a mere spectador in the learning process.

▪ Individualized technology – each student has access to a adaptative technology, which identifies in a smart way the difficulty areas, then online videos and a list of exercises are suggested according to the diagnosed needs. In real time, the pedagogical coordination and the family can follow the development and completion of tasks, through a platform.

▪ Educational games (gamification) – syncronized to the content of the Mathematic didatic material, exercises in form of online games are offered to the Elementary School, allowing that, at home, contents learned in the class room are consolidated , in a fun and interactive way.

▪ Online monitoring – the platform offers a real time individualized monitoring service, allowing the student to send his doubts and have access to commented solutions of the exercises.

▪ Phases of proposition – the digital content introduces a methodology directed to the best understanding of contents, using three exercise categories: fixation, contextualization and further development.

▪ The platform is present in five of the best ranked schools in ENEM/2015.


The combination of this items keep the student engaged in a rich pedagogical process, through dynamic classes and a big knowledge spectrum, related to the completely presented structure.

The Anglo-American School, together with the Eleva Platform and the Oxford University Press, aims to develop all the student’s skills, forming ethical citizens, responsible and emotionally prepared to meet the demands of the XXI century.

The educational technology offered by the Anglo-American School gives the student a colaborative enviroment, providing easy access to resouces, dynamics in the construction of learning and direct contact with important information to his academic background.


Children’s Education

Elementary School I and II

High School